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Today is June 25, 2019


Legislators converge in capital to kick off 2019 session

By Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan
Michael Callahan,
Executive Vice President/CEO
EPAs of Mississippi

January is an exciting time in Mississippi’s capital city. Legislators are arriving from all parts of the state, getting ready for the opening of the 2019 regular session of the Mississippi Legislature at noon on Jan. 8.

We at the Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi welcome these lawmakers this and every year. We pledge our commitment to working closely with them to ensure that you, our electric cooperative members, continue to benefit from high-quality, affordable electric service.

2019 is a major election year for Mississippi, on both local and state levels. Beginning with the primary election on Aug. 6, Mississippians will cast ballots for offices ranging from constable to governor.

Campaign signs soon will be sprouting like mushrooms along roadsides. Their aim is to familiarize voters with the candidates’ names, but voters must dig deeper in order to make informed decisions.

Voting is a precious right of citizens, and one for which many people here and around the world have given their lives. We should never take for granted our right to free elections conducted in accordance with the law.

I hope Mississippians will make every effort this year to study the candidates and understand their positions before casting a ballot. Only then will we gain a government truly representative of our hopes, dreams and goals.

This issue is the final one produced under the direction of our editor, Debbie Stringer. Debbie retired in early January.

Since 1985, Debbie has been totally committed to providing our organization with feature stories, news articles and photos which have sparked the interest of our more than 445,600 monthly readers. It was during her tenure the award-winning Today in Mississippi was born from the old Mississippi EPA News

Throughout her years, she worked diligently to promote the rich history and personality of our great state, while adding informative and value content to our publication. Her creative writing style and quality photos were always mated with concise facts and delivered in an easy-to-read format. As she sat at her computer or drove the back roads of Mississippi, she had one goal in mind—to find the unique story, target her audience and provide a finished product that would be easy to read and enjoyed by our readers. She was committed to making our publication a treasure for all Mississippians.

Her success is evident by the many honors and awards she has received over the past 34 years. But the accolades she most enjoyed were the many appreciative letters and notes she received from her readers. She always placed them first.

As she retires, a walking library will leave our offices with a collection of historical events, unique understanding of the cooperative electric utility structure and much more. She is truly respected by our staff and the many people she has worked with throughout her career. It will be difficult to replace her. We will bring a new staff member on board and assign them the over-whelming task to fill her shoes and continue her legacy. No small task for our new editor. 

In closing, Debbie can best be described as a person with a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. The success of Today has been achieved by this outstanding team member who has excelled in telling Mississippi’s story as a creative writer, an artist with an eye for capturing that special moment in her photos, and her unwavering willingness to help others achieve their common goals. 

We will miss her! But we wish her and husband, Jerry, good health and happiness in her upcoming retirement.

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