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Today is February 23, 2020


Of memories and thanksgiving

By Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan
Michael Callahan,
Executive Vice President/CEO
EPAs of Mississippi

We are always reminded to “live in the moment” and “make the most of each day.” And, that is certainly sage advice. After all, time flies by and memories fade. Some long ago memories, though, when recalled, seem like they just happened yesterday and still tinge of the very sights, sounds, smells and emotion that accompanied them.

This time of year, we often reminisce of Thanksgivings past. These memories, tucked deep in the corners of our mind, are filled with recollections ranging from our childhood through adult years. We are seated around tables filled with turkey, dressing and all of the fixings — and also filled with family and friends. Maybe they were small gatherings or overflowing; maybe they stir sentimental reflection or possibly painful times. Either way, they are ours and make up the unique story of our life.

This month, we also celebrate Veterans Day and honor those who have and do serve our country to protect our freedom. Our dedicated men and women in the military have made numerous sacrifices — personally and physically. And, there are those who made the ultimate sacrifice, with their life. To me, it is most fitting that Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day are both observed in November.

So, while November is a time to share in the spirit of being thankful — for our freedom, family, friends, careers and bounty — it’s also a time to reflect on past moments that have shaped us and are precious to us. Because, as our beloved Mississippi author Tennessee Williams so eloquently stated above, “Life is all memory” — and as we all know, it certainly goes by too quickly.

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