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Today is May 23, 2022


The rural charms of home

By Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan
Michael Callahan,
Executive Vice President/CEO
EPAs of Mississippi

The magic of rural Mississippi’s topography is something all our members know a little something about. 

Magnolia and pecan trees, the land’s rich and deep soil, the hills of the state’s northeast corner, pine woods, red clay, and the Mississippi River make up just a fraction of what the state’s rural regions have to offer residents who call them home.

Our cover story star this month left a hustle and bustle cosmopolitan life in Tampa, Florida to regroup on five acres of rural Mississippi land near Oxford.

Jake Keiser bought a farm here after deciding to leave the city, her successful marketing business, her friends, and the creature comforts of an urban existence.

She traded creature comforts for creatures. About 50 creatures.

Keiser’s farm “kids” include chickens, turkeys, goats, and geese.

She wrote a book about her move that’s out in June — “Daffodil Hill: Uprooting My
Life, Buying a Farm, and Learning to Bloom” (The Dial Press).

Some of us were planted here in Mississippi — our lifelong homes and communities that we never want to leave. Some came here for another reason — maybe work, or to be near family. While others might have landed in the state looking for something.

Jake Keiser came to Mississippi looking for something, and ultimately, found it in herself.

The animals, the serene woods, the friendship of neighbors, and her newfound rural community just made the journey a little easier.

We hope you enjoy our May issue.  

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