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Today is August 13, 2022


We can all make a difference

By Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan
Michael Callahan,
Executive Vice President/CEO
EPAs of Mississippi

August means it’s time for both teachers and students to head back to the classroom.

Mississippi teachers are the heroes of our education system. 

Our main feature this month is an interview with Mississippi’s Teacher of the Year, Skye Morgan.

A U.S. history teacher at Petal High School and a member of Dixie Electric, Morgan is an excellent example of the kind of person that dedicates her life to improving the lives of Mississippi’s children.

Although they may not have won any official accolades or had their names mentioned in the press, Mississippi is filled with great teachers like Morgan who work long hours to prepare students for life’s challenges ahead.

Our main feature this month also highlight’s the state’s Parent of the Year, Tara Denevan. A mother of two students in the Oxford School District, Denevan reminds us that teachers aren’t the only adults in the community responsible for the education of our children.

Ensuring academic success is up to all of us.

I have three children. My wife and I both believe strongly in being part of the educational system as volunteers. Years ago, I helped coach the junior high football team. My wife was very active in parent/teacher organizations.


Research correlates family engagement with student achievement. And it’s not just students who reap the benefits of parental and community volunteerism in schools. 

Volunteers receive recognition and respect from students and staff as well as the opportunity to develop new skills, new opportunities for networking, and new friendships. 

The volunteering opportunities for parents and community are many — mentoring, tutoring, fundraising, coaching, career education, extracurricular and community service activities, and assisting in school offices and classrooms.

There is some role for all of us in the education of our community’s students. You can make a difference. You matter as much as our students.

We hope you enjoy the August issue. 


by Michael Callahan

Executive Vice President/CEO

Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi

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