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“Feeding the Flock II”

“Feeding the Flock II”

   Saint Barnabas and the Anglican Church Women have released the second volume of their popular “Feeding the Flock” cookbook, which promises 200 “delights from the recipe ‘vaults’ of our parishioners, families and friends.”

    Erected in 1928, the Saint Barnabas Anglican Church building was Picayune’s first Episcopal Church and is the town’s oldest church building still in use. In 2003 a group of Anglicans (Traditional Episcopalians) purchased the aging building, and it was completely rehabilitated by members of the parish with the help of donations.
    One of the church’s programs, The Anglican Church Women organization, was formed to support the mission of the church, in part through fund-raising efforts. “Feeding the Flock II” stems from those efforts. This second edition comes on the heels of the strong demand for the first edition and futher expands upon the eclectic mix of recipes.
    The Rev. Jonathan J. Filkins, rector, contributed several recipes with catchy titles (including Eggs in Purgatory, at right).
    “Feeding the Flock II” is available for $12 plus $3 postage per copy. Send check to Cookbook, Saint Barnabas Anglican Church, 612 Sixth Avenue, Picayune, MS 39466. For more information about Saint Barnabas, go to

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