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Featured Cookbook

Fast or slow? Ideas for cooking slowly or under pressure

    Two cookbooks from Quail Ridge Press, of Brandon, address two very different approaches to meal preparation: slow cooking over a period of hours and pressure cooking to put meals on the table in a fraction of the time.
    Both methods offer convenience and can ensure a satisfying dinner at the end of the day, says Bob Warden, the author of “Great Food Fast: Bob Warden’s Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes” and “Best of the Best Presents Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes,” and a frequent guest on QVC.
    We’ll start out slow: In “Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes” ($24.95), Warden says slow cooking is all about the convenience of preparing a meal for the entire family in one pot—without sacrificing quality. “There is always a bit of magic when you toss a few ingredients into a slow cooker and dinner comes out,” he writes, “but there is even more magic when the ingredients are simpler, fresher and better tasting.”
    Warden presents more than 125 recipes, some inspired by classics, some reinvented with fresher ingredients and some entirely new. Most of the recipes are suitable for a 4-quart or larger slow cooker. Warden includes tips and advice for slow cooking and a shopping list for commonly used ingredients.
    Warden’s “Great Food Fast” ($19.95) targets users of electric pressure cookers but the recipes can be adapted for stove-top pressure cookers. His goal was to demystify cooking under pressure with clear, concise directions, and to deliver more than 120 recipes that are easy and affordable. “It contains recipes that I consider to be the best I’ve ever written,” Warden writes.
    If you plan to replace an old stove-top pressure cooker or want to try pressure cooking for the first time, consider the electric models. You will be amazed at their ease of use; basically, you put in the food, press a few buttons and walk away. They offer a range of cooking modes, including simmering and browning. Some have buttons for cooking specific foods, like rice and soup.
    Both of Warden’s cookbooks are available where cookbooks are sold. Or, order from Quail Ridge Press at 800-343-1583 or
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