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‘The Cooking Lady’

‘The Cooking Lady’

Greenville councilwoman and cookbook author Ann Hollowell prefers recipes that are simple, delicious, healthy and heart-felt. Her approach to cooking reflects her roots in South Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. In Hollowell’s kitchen, cooking is all about experimentation, with a nod to family and regional traditions.

She explains (and entertains) in a new cookbook, “The Cooking Lady: Real Food from My Southern Kitchen,” co-authored with Tom Henkenius.

Recipes come packaged in personal stories, cooking tips and color photographs, including these selections:

• Red Cabbage Slaw is tangy and sweet with a kick of pepper, Hollowell says. Its bright reds and greens make the slaw a showy addition to the table.

• Spicy Carrot Cake, her mother’s recipe, is dense and rich, and needs no further embellishment.  

• Catfish Courtbouillon is Hollowell’s twist on a traditional South Louisiana dish typically cooked with redfish. But Mississippi Delta catfish makes a fine fish stew as well, she says.

The 208-page hardcover cookbook sells for $24.95. Find it in stores or order from Recipes reprinted with permission from Pelican Publishing Co.

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