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‘Quick & Easy Low-Carb Cookbook’

‘Quick & Easy Low-Carb Cookbook’

If you or someone you cook for has adopted a low-carb approach to eating, this new cookbook is for you. Professional chef and cookbook author George Stella has redefined comfort foods by using low-carb alternatives to white flour and sugar.

Stella advocates eating natural, unprocessed foods at all times. “To eat well, you have to cook well. It doesn’t have to be difficult. And it doesn’t have to take all day,” he writes.

The cookbook opens with Stella’s own story of losing 265 pounds. He shares tips on grocery shopping and information on high- and low-carb ingredients, sugar substitutes and pantry items. Recipes include appetizers, everyday meals, no-sugar-added desserts and snacks. Color photographs and cooking tips accompany most every recipe.

Stella explains how to use “pasta alternatives,” which substitute spaghetti squash or zucchini for flour-based pasta. And he gives cauliflower the lead role in recipes where you’d expect to find pasta, rice or potatoes.

Most of Stella’s recipes save time (like Two-Hour Pot Roast), use few ingredients (only three for sweet and savory Chipotle Flat Iron) and offer fresh, flavorful combinations (Avocado and Melon Salad).

The cookbook is part of the “Best of the Best” series of cookbooks published by Quail Ridge Press, of Brandon, a member of Southern Pine Electric Power Association. The 224-page softcover book is available in stores. Price is $19.95. To order, contact the publisher at 800-343-1583 or visit

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