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Today is December 13, 2019

Grin 'n' Bare It

What’s in your refrigerator crisper?

By Kay Grafe

Kay Grafe
Kay Grafe

Like most of you, my refrigerator has two crisper drawers for storing fresh vegetables. Even though, like me, it's getting some age on it, the drawer still works well and normally keeps my vegetables fresh for a week or more. It's the “more” that's the subject of my column this month. 

I have always enjoyed salads and stir-fry dishes, especially when they include a number of ingredients like broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, several varieties of lettuce, bell peppers, onions and anything else that catches my eye.

As I select these beautiful fresh vegetables, I can visualize the healthy and tasty salads and stir-fry dishes I plan to prepare. I rush straight home and store them in my refrigerator crisper. And as I look through the glass front panel of their new home, I feel a sense of pride in how delicious and healthy Mr. Roy and I will eat the next week or so. And in most cases, I prepare a fresh salad for our dinner on the day I return from my grocery shopping. Mr. Roy is not as much of a salad person as I am, but he brags on my creative talents and says he enjoys it even though I know he would rather have only meat and potatoes and a cooked vegetable.

My problem is not with the one salad or stir-fry that I prepare, but with the remainder of the fresh goodies that are left in my crisper. I have tried to analyze this problem, but I am at a loss to explain why I ignore my crisper drawer for the next two weeks. In fact, I may ignore it until I again return home with a new batch of fresh vegetables. But when I open the crisper and try to figure out what that slimy-looking mess once was, I remember how beautiful it looked when I stored it two weeks before. I tell myself that it's because I am getting older and more forgetful. But then I remember that I have been cleaning out rot drawers for most of my married life.

Mr. Roy says I have a personality flaw related to my love of shopping being so much stronger than my love of cooking. He may have something there, but I have friends who also have crispers that turn into rot drawers. If any of my readers have any ideas that would help me solve this dilemma, I would appreciate you writing me.

I have to admit that as I have gotten older, I certainly cook less. Our eating habits have changed, and also the phenomena of “Been there, done that” has its effect also. It used to be that I required at least two good meals each day and Mr. Roy needed three. Now, most days if we eat breakfast, then we skip lunch and eat a large meal at night. We have some friends who cook very little and eat out most meals. In fact, I have one friend who closed her kitchen down and declared it “Out of Order.” She actually put that sign up on her kitchen door.

Another change in our cooking regimen: Mr. Roy's new interest in cooking has surprised me. For years, he declared that he had no kitchen talents, but recently he has gotten more into cooking on the grill, using his gas-fired deep-fry cooker and a few other new devices he has purchased. This may have something to do with my change in cooking habits or he figures it's a case of survival. Anyway, it has been a welcome change for me. And ladies, regardless of what you might read, it's never too late to change your man.  


Kay Grafe is the author of “Oh My Gosh, Virginia.” To order, send name, address, phone number and $16.95, plus $3.50 S&H to Kay Grafe, 2142 Fig Farm Road, Lucedale, MS 39452.

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