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Today is May 30, 2020

Grin 'n' Bare It

Thankful that fall is finally here

By Kay Grafe

Kay Grafe
Kay Grafe

As I sit at my computer on this beautiful October day morning, I whisper a little prayer of thanks that another fall is finally here. Every year, the “Blah Period” seems to be harder for my man to get through. Not all of you ladies understand what I am talking about, but many of you experience this period of time in one form or another. If you are still puzzled regarding these statements, then I need to explain. The time that I am speaking of, encompasses a minimum of two months, July and August, but in most cases three months that includes June. This depends on whether your college baseball team makes it to, and past, the regional tournaments.

For my readers who still don’t understand what I am talking about, I will describe Mr. Roy’s college athletic interests, which also match that of a lot of Mississippi husbands. He can hardly wait for college football season to start on the Saturday before Labor Day. From then until the season ends, which depends on how successful the season was and a possible bowl game, Mr. Roy lives and breathes college football. When football is finally over in January, basketball is heating up, then it’s not just Saturday afternoons but weeknights also. And here again, if it’s a successful season, tournaments can extend the season until mid-March or later. When spring comes, you guessed it, baseball. College baseball teams in Mississippi are normally pretty good, so interest is always high.

But when the last college baseball game for Mr. Roy’s team is finally over, my man goes into a mood of depression. I pet him, discuss some of his favorite games from previous seasons and find reruns of games on YouTube for him to watch. I’ll do anything to keep him focused on Labor Day weekend when his mood becomes jubilant. For more than 30 years we attended college games for all three sports, including girls basketball. After we stopped purchasing season tickets, I wondered if his interest in his college team’s games would wane. But if anything, it has increased. Now with so much television, he can watch almost all games sitting in his special TV room and chair. Now, don’t misunderstand, Mr. Roy is not a “couch potato.” In fact, about the only thing that will get him in the house during daylight hours is a college sports event.

This year when the last week in August began, I could see that special glimmer in his eyes, and that sweet little grin was back. I visited the grocery and stocked up on his special snacks and planned my Saturday around his football game schedule for the day, so I could watch with him. He reviewed his schedule with me several times and finally printed a copy so I wouldn’t be late for any event. ESPN “Game Day” begins on Saturday at

8 a.m., and if you can endure three hours of that before the first game starts, you are really a football fan. Most Southern men, “bless their hearts,” love hunting, fishing, pickup trucks and college football. And I’m thankful to be married to one. And for you girls that say you don’t like football and can’t stand this time of the year, I’ve got some advice for you. Get interested in this part of your husband’s life. After a few weeks or months, you might decide you enjoy it, and it’s an excellent way to increase the bond with your man.

At 10:30 p.m. this past Saturday, when the last game on Mr. Roy’s schedule ended, he said, “It’s time to go to bed, I’m worn out.” I almost asked if he was pleased with the way his college team played today, but at that hour I decided it was best to leave that question until later. It was too late to listen to his replay of the game. But bless his heart, I know that his assessment would end with, “It’s their first game of the year and they’ll get better.” Besides, there is always basketball and baseball.

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