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Today is October 4, 2022

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is ...

The rising sun illuminates clouds over a field in Jasper County in a photo by Janet Smith, of Montrose.

Home to many beautiful trees.
Like people, they come in different shapes, sizes, colors and
Some wear brilliant colors in fall;
Some wear a yellow ribbon and that’s all.
Some are very tall and wear green all year;
In spring, some wear perfumed flowers that just appear.
And when dressed in ornaments, garland and bright lights,
    you know that Christmas is very near.
But no matter how they are dressed,
They give us tall, stately poles to carry 4-County Electric
    power, which is the best!
—Mary Carolyn Tranum Mitchell, Starkville


    Being born in Texas, I always thought Texas was the best.  After all, it was the largest state for a long time, and Texans did everything better. Then I moved to Mississippi and now have lived here over 43 years and know without a doubt that this is the greatest state. The Southern culture, the hospitality, the generosity of this state are shown every day. If you don't believe it, just “people watch” and listen to their conversations as strangers meet and smiles are exchanged. I even see strangers welcoming others with hugs.
    I may have been born in Texas, but Mississippi will always be my home.
—Terry Jones, Kosciusko

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