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Today is December 6, 2022

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

The setting sun glows through the clouds on a recent autumn afternoon at the Mississippi River bridge in Natchez.

Mississippi is experiencing the peaceful feeling
    with the certain change of each season:
Bursting blooms of spring, sweet sunrays of summer,
Deep breaths of fresh fall air, cozy cuddling in frosty winter.
It’s knowing your heritage is a four-generation family
    that loved the Lord and respected the land
With plant, harvest and renewal.
It’s watching the flurry of busy activity among squirrels,
    local birds and unidentified migratory species on the feeders.
It’s not having to explain to others around you why you talk
    the way you do.
Everyone knows the meaning of “mash the button,” “tote the
    groceries” and “fixin’ to.”
—Jean Sauls, Columbia


Mississippi is a beautiful, peaceful daily drive to work on the Natchez Trace. I work in Lorman and drive a few minutes from Church Hill. Instead of traffic tie-ups, I can relax and enjoy God’s little secret hideaway, with colorful trees, deer, turkey and songbirds.

—Lynda O’Quinn, Church Hill

The leaves of fall are dancing in tune with nature’s plan.

They flutter and fall and drift about over yards and roads and land.

They shout to us of summer’s end and coming cooler days,

And gently cover us all around in thankfulness and praise!
—Deanna Kirk, Winona

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