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Today is October 4, 2022

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

An orange Gulf Fritillary butterfly sips nectar from a red zinnia bloom against a curtain of green in a photo by Cary Crosby, of Wiggins.

. . . a beautiful state tied together by ribbons of highways built by my dad and two brothers. Ribbons of highways from Tishomingo...Carthage...the original Tom Bailey Drive around Meridian...McComb...Poplarville...Vicksburg. Several sections of the Natchez Trace and many more. They helped with the construction of Enid Dam and Flint Creek Water Park. Our families will have special memories in the years to come as we visit the parks and travel these ribbons of highways.
— Bobbie Culpepper Walker, Meridian

I’m proud to be a Mississippian because it means I can walk to my mailbox without locking my door. It’s waking up to a  beautiful sunrise over the trees and breathing in fresh air. It’s smelling the sweet magnolias in the spring. It’s jumping off an old bridge into a channel and praying there ain’t snakes.
— Kymberlee Smith

Daddy throws a mullet net off the seawall
Telling us kids, be careful, don’t fall.
Later years, playing on a beach that wasn’t there,
Smelling and feeling the salty gulf air.
Screeching gulls flying and dipping low,
Picking up shells, splashing as we go.
Sound of crickets, fireflies everywhere,
Sitting on the porch, in the moon’s yellow glare.
Granny’s Sunday gumbo along with crab claws,
Her old dog Bo, lying in the sun, licking his paws.
These memories I cherish and love the most,
Growing up at my home, the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
— Shirley F. Ladner, Petal

What’s Mississippi to you?
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