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Today is October 4, 2022

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is ...

Snow day! Andrew Kuhn, 7, of Hinds County, catches snowflakes on his tongue while enjoying a rare day off from school due to snowy weather. Parts of Mississippi received up to 6 inches of snow on Jan. 17, following a long stretch of dreary, rainy weather. The welcomed return of sunshine shooed the snowmen away and sent kids back to school.

. . . the scent of gardenia floating on air,
Pine trees, pine trees everywhere.
Old oak trees dripping Spanish moss,
Fresh seafood and hot dipping sauce.
Sandy toes and fishing poles,
Secret southern swimming holes.
Root beers and wooden piers,
Watching as the sun disappears.
Southern drawls and shopping malls,
Planning for Mardi Gras balls.
Azalea and camellia flowers,
Crowning glory for all the bowers.
Hospitality, heritage and unity,
all make for one big ole community.
— Charla Wilson, Biloxi

    In 1953, a recession was on nationwide. I moved to St. Louis, Mo., in order to find a job. When jobs came available in 1962 I moved back. I took a 50 percent cut in wages. The man that hired me said I needed a doctor, not a job.
    I found here in Mississippi what most of my friends searched all over for. Peace, joy and happiness, which is more valuable to me than money. I have a savior, home and family and friends. What more could a man ask for?
— Forrest Poindexter, Water Valley

    To me, Mississippi is a wonderful state. I have lived here all my 86 years. We have wonderful churches. People with kind hearts, kind words and kind deeds. Handsome men and beautiful women, inside and outside.
— Katie Bilbo, Poplarville

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