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Today is October 4, 2022

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

Larger-than-life steel sculptures of native plants and wildlife (the heron weighs more than a ton) adorn “Nature’s Playground,” an impressive new 42-foot-high public art project and lighted fountain in Gautier’s Town Center. Topping the piece is a lighted sphere covered with stained glass. Designed by Fairhope artist Dean Mosher with decoration by local artists, the work reflects Gautier’s plan to become a destination for eco-tourists.

... remembering Mamaw making butter rolls and Christmas in an old unpainted farmhouse. It is watching our citizens learn to appreciate each other without regard to skin color, and the evolvement of a two-party legislature. It is the never-changing delight of redbud and dogwood trees in full springtime bloom, and the reds and yellows of autumm splendor. It is fried chicken, from an iron skillet in the kitchen or the fast-food drive-through line. With all its changes and all its sameness, Mississippi is where my heart is. Mississippi is home!
— Jo Robbins, Pelahatchie

I’m originally from Louisiana but I’ve lived in Mississippi for nearly four years now, and I call it home. The people are the best, there are plenty of churches, the landscape is beautiful and it’s peaceful. The lifestyle is slow, it’s very safe and very welcoming. I love Mississippi and I intend to live in this great state for the rest of my life. Thank you, Mississippi!
— Joseph E. Colna Jr., Houlka

Mississippi is a sojourner’s rest from relentlessly long winters, a revival of new beginnings and the harvest of fond memories.
— R.D. Glover, Collinsville

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