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Today is October 4, 2022

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

The historic Byram Swinging Bridge recently opened to foot traffic following a restoration project completed by the Hinds County board of supervisors. Built in 1905 by residents to serve local farmers, the 360-foot bridge spans the Pearl River at Byram. In 1979 the bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was closed to vehicles in 1987, the same year the American Society of Civil Engineers named it a civil engineering landmark. The restoration project included the addition of a parking lot, a picnic table, wheelchair access, lighting and a guard rail. Photo: Rebecca McMillan

... a childhood home where memories abound:
A place where pound cake and coffee offered visitors hospitality and warmth,
A place where rolling pastures greeted horses and cattle,
A place where garden rows boasted their rich bounty,
A place where Friday night lights filled small towns with competition and excitement,
A place where steeples dotted the skies with praise and worship,
And, above all, a place where values and ethics were honored.
Looking back, reminiscing, looking forward,
I am a Mississippian filled with pride and gratitude for my heritage and my home.
— Sandra Dixon, Petal

Spending holidays and summers in Mississippi wasn’t just a vacation or quick getaway, but the place I often dreamed of living. I watched my grandmother enjoy the cool morning breeze, opening the windows at 6 a.m. and putting on a pot of coffee while smelling the thick slab of bacon frying in the hot cast-iron skillet was a way to start the day.
    Dreams do come true! I relocated, married a Mississippian and now I, like my grandmother, open the curtains and windows to feel and enjoy the morning breeze, listen to the birds chirping and watch the sun as it rises and sets. Life here is grand and peaceful, a place I now call home.
— D.T. Malone, Lorman

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