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Today is December 6, 2022

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is ...

A sunny sky and cool temperatures mark the first day of autumn at Calling Panther Lake, a state fishing lake located in Copiah County. Completed in 2002, Calling Panther is a 512-acre lake offering 23 camping pads, a hiking trail, boat ramp and fishing among standing timber. A fishing pier accommodates anglers on foot. Information and a map are available here:

... anticipation of the fall hunting season right around the corner. Planting food plots on hot late-summer days. Blooming spider lilies, letting me know Oct. 1 is near. An unexpected cool front in September. Leaving after school on Friday with your son, heading to the deer camp! Hearing a distant high school band on Friday evening from your tree stand. Meeting up with all your old friends that you’ve missed over the summer.
— Kirk Christian, Alexandria, La., and Fayette

Mississippi is cicadas practicing jazz on sultry afternoons,
Fields of Queen Anne’s lace, their tutus bobbing,
White egrets feasting on Bush Hog-served platters
   of grasshoppers,
Humming push mowers leading partners in seasonal dance,
The sentry crow heralding, “All’s well!”
Melting ice cream drips racing toward chubby hands,
Chameleon corn donning brown suits in late August.
— Desireé Wilson, Steens

Mississippi is full of great churches, peaceful, beautiful.
Good-hearted, friendly, hard-working neighbors are plentiful.
A safe haven, full of hospitality, four seasons and good schools.
I love Mississippi!
—Joseph E. Colna Jr., Pontotoc County

Mississippi is the sea breeze from the Sound. The squawking gulls on the wing. Children on the beach at sunset. The pines lining our highways and byways. The smiles adorning faces.
— C. Davis, Biloxi

What’s Mississippi to you?
What makes you proud to be a Mississippian? What do you treasure most about life in our state?

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