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Today is October 15, 2018

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

St. Mary Chapel was built in the late 1830s on a portion of Laurel Hill Plantation, near Natchez. The privately owned building is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Behind the Gothic-style structure is a cemetery with grave markers dating to the late 1700s. Photo by Ouida Donald, of Louisville, a member of East Mississippi Electric.

... a place for pure serenity, a place to raise a family patiently with morals and respect. A time and place full of adventure, exploring and fun. Get-togethers, family reunions, festivals and country tradition are deeply rooted and grounded in the state.
    Beautiful and rich countryside wins the hearts of tourists and people passing through the state. The locals are hospitable and share advice, remedies and experiences.
    A seasonal time and place where springtime is fresh, the summer abundant with sunshine. Fall is decorative, cool and culturally festive, and the winters are short and special. I’m a proud Mississippian.
— Artilus Mondale Moore Sr., Panther Burn

   My mind drifts back to the homeplace of my mother (in Greenwood Springs). Along with her brothers and sisters, she grew up in an environment that was enveloped by nature. I recall from past visits the wispy clouds that hung over the hazy fields that made up the farm on which she lived. Winding its way through the middle of this paradise was a lazy creek on which slithered a limber water snake. As the daylight faded, the sun exploded through the oak and willow trees, and seemed to set each one ablaze from tip to tip. This old homeplace smelled of the ghosts of days gone by that laughed and frolicked through this peaceful and serene setting, now overgrown with brush. If I listened closely, and closed my eyes tightly, I could still hear my mom as she celebrated her childhood.
— Marshall Eubanks Jr., Amory

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