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Today is April 19, 2018

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

“Fallen Comrade,” a life-size bronze sculpture by Sam Gore, stands in tribute to all veterans of every military branch at the Clinton Visitors Center. Gore’s rendering depicts Marine Joe Albritton carrying the body of his lifelong friend and fellow Marine, Homer Ainsworth, from the Korean battlefield in June 1951. Albritton crossed enemy lines in the dark to retrieve his friend’s body. Both men grew up in Clinton. The visitors center is located on Pinehaven Road, just north of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Clinton.

a garden of memories, and as I walk through this garden, I am reminded of the many churches that spread across the land.
    The church of my childhood in the tiny community of Stallo, in Neshoba County, is etched in my memory. This was one of those tall, white wooden churches which were scattered across the South. Stallo’s ministers were often students from Millsaps College, and it was one of these young men who decided that the children needed a Bible school. He and his wife rearranged benches into squares, and at 10 years old, I fell in love with this amazing time of singing, coloring pictures of the Holy Land and learning Bible verses.
    As I grew older, I became aware of one particular aspect of our church. Women and children always sat on the left side of the church, men in the middle and elderly men in the “Amen Corner.” I was so proud that my elderly grandfather was in that group.
    “Dinner on the ground” was served once a year on huge wooden tables nailed outside between large oak trees. Dinner consisted of fried chicken, ham, fresh vegetables and desserts so good that recipes were often kept secret by the women. Before the children ate, we had the beautiful oaks surrounding us where we could run and play. These oaks, however, proved to be the demise of Stallo church when a windstorm destroyed the church. The new church moved to Highway 15.
—Carol Farish Vickers, Decatur

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