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Today is April 19, 2018

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

Magnolia Electric Power member Charlene Point, of Kokomo, captures a foggy morning in a Walthall County hay field.

I love a Mississippi morning
On a summer’s day;
Everything’s so glorious,
In the most delightful way.
The sun is peaking upward,
The earth begins to warm;
Magnificent works of nature,
Are simply just the norm.
There is a sense of wonderment
At how all things look so new;
The flowers glow with freshness
From the past night’s dew.
The beauty all around you,
Would take away your breath;
You feel you’d like to soak it in
Until there’s nothing left;
There’s nothing like a Mississippi morning,
On a summer’s day;
It’s such a grand production,
It seems we all should pay.
—Patricia Neely-Dorsey, Tupelo, from her book “Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia: A Life In Poems”

I live in Mississippi, the state that I love.
There’re so many things to do and see;
This is what Mississippi means to me.
Helping Grandmaw in the garden,
Riding four-wheelers too.
Oh my! There’s so much to do!
Dancing in the rain,
Watching firecrackers go off with a bang.
Eating watermelon and drinking sweet tea;
this is what Mississippi means to me.
I live in Mississippi, the state that I love.
To me it’s a gift from God above!
—Anna Grace Ellis, age 13, Collins

What’s Mississippi to you?
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