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Today is July 16, 2018

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

While we’re all wilting from the heat, it’s nice to see something that thrives in it. These bold sunflowers soak up summer sunshine in a backyard garden in Washington County.

There are many things I treasure about our state, beginning with what we call “old-fashioned, good places to eat country food.” Mississippi is known for church-going people who have a history of old-time revivals and lake baptisms. I treasure those memories. I left Mississippi as a young man headed off to military duty in 1974 and was drawn back by the Lord, I believe in 2003, to help spread the love of God in the state where my earthly birth, as well as my spiritual birth, took roots. I embrace and love the waves through the windshields of our cars and trucks when meeting strangers and neighbors from all walks of life on the county roads.
–Eddie N. Young Jr., Olive Branch

After spending 70 years of life in Louisiana, my husband and I find ourselves living in lovely Mississippi. The “great flood” of 2016 took our home in Baton Rouge and most everything in it (like so many others). Something really good came from something really bad. Thanks to a kind and generous man in the Poplarville area, we are renting a home in a lovely place, with the use of everything here: fishing lakes, trails, wildflowers, lightning bugs and clean air.

We have never seen so many wildflowers, nice people and so few red lights. We always passed through Mississippi to go to North Carolina on vacation and always thought we would like living here. It took the flood to open our eyes and take a chance on living in the country. It kind of made retirement like it’s meant to be. We were truly blessed to get what we wished for!
–Carolyn and Thomas Gilmore, Poplarville


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