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Today is June 22, 2018

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

One of Mississippi’s architectural gems is the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, designed by architect Frank Gehry and dedicated to the ceramics of George H. Ohr (1857-1918). The museum includes metal pods whose shapes bring to mind the curving, twisting contours of Ohr’s pottery.

What’s Mississippi to me? It’s sitting on the front porch swing with family shelling buckets of peas. Shady seats in front of a row of peach trees. A water oak with great big roots and a board swing. A bench under the wisteria where Grandpa sits with all the bumblebees. A square flower bed with a catawba worm tree. A horse named Dolly, so lonely and old. It’s Grandma’s lilies and the plum trees lining the dirt road. Clothes stretched out to dry on a line. The corner wood pile stacked so high. Tin-wrapped leaf beds surrounding the fig trees. Water straight out of the hose, never mind the mud holes. The smokehouse in the back where grandkids are never to go. It’s Grandpa and Grandma’s house. It was home to me.
–Brandy J. Gardner, Waynesboro

Eighteen years ago, my husband and I chose to retire in Pontotoc. One of our children, who remained in Denver, called today. As we were talking, he asked if we had canaries now. I answered no. I had gone out on the front porch to talk. There I was watching two male cardinals chase each other while the female sat on a nearby limb, cheering them on. A blue jay and a robin perched side by side, fussing at one another while eating leftover food from our dog’s bowl, and a couple of squirrels chattered gleefully as they played tag around the base of an old oak tree in one corner of our yard. I explained to him, “It’s just springtime in Mississippi.”
–Carolyn E. Oakes, Houlka

What’s Mississippi to you?
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