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Today is September 19, 2018

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

Natalie Newman enjoys a visit to a Leflore County sunflower patch with her grandmother Sommer Makamson, of Greenwood.

What I treasure most about my Mississippi:
• the slow pace of life
• cool breezes
• visits with family and friends any time of day
• swinging on the porch
• farmers market
• Sunday services and family dinner afterwards
• meeting strangers in the checkout lines
• a friendly wave while driving by
• extra eyes to look out for my kiddos
• small towns, everyone knows
• walks in the park
• hugs, hugs and slow southern speech
• manners and gentlemen
• SEC football
• high school football on Friday nights
• pink sky sunsets
• star-filled nights on a campout
• family game night
• loving life
– Helen Facella

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