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Today is November 21, 2018

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

The 200-foot-long swinging bridge over Bear Creek at Tishomingo State Park marks the start of the 3.5-mile Bear Creek Outcropping Trail. Unique in Mississippi, the trail takes users past cliffs, rock outcroppings and overhangs. The state park was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and many of the original buildings remain standing.

Once upon a time I was a beautiful Texas bluebonnet. Time truly marches on; one day I was shocked to see I had become an old steel magnolia. My goodness, it was almost 40 years ago when my Texas husband and I moved to Mississippi. Mississippi is made up of many things, but the greatest asset is the wonderful people who populate the state—folks who love you equally during the good and bad times. Finally, I now completely understand why “Mississippi” was one of the first words I learned to spell before I entered the first grade. Thank you, Mississippians, from an old Texan!
– Virginia Zgarba, Brooksville

We recently moved to Olive Branch
And are happy to say we gave it a chance.
Where neighbors are friendly and give of their time,
Where everyone is very kind.
It’s quiet and peaceful, and sunsets abound,
Where’s God’s beauty and nature are all around.
So take time and enjoy this beautiful place;
I promise a smile will be on your face!
– Kathy Hamblin, Olive Branch

What’s Mississippi to you?
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