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Today is January 22, 2019

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

Mont Helena was built atop a ceremonial Indian mound near Rolling Fork soon after the original structure, built in 1896, was destroyed by fire before the owners could move in. Photographer Karon Wilcher, of Carthage, submitted the photo to this month’s “Picture This” reader photo feature.

Born in New Orleans, I moved with my family to Mississippi due to the fact of Daddy relocating because he worked at various stations as an agent.

My siblings and I grew up rooted and grounded in Mississippi. As a youngster, I rode my bike up and down the dirt road in the country. My sister, brother and I, plus neighboring friends, were sometimes entertained by the ever-glowing fireflies at nighttime.

What I mostly enjoyed was singing at the top of my voice throughout the countryside. I sang whatever the songs of that time.

We worked hard. We played hard in Mississippi. I remember sitting atop the ice-cream freezer til my bottom nearly froze.

We kids helped out with the upkeep of a sprawling vegetable garden. We planted seeds and pulled weeds and all of the necessities. Mississippi was and is a land of opportunity and charm.

—Glenda Flynt, Laurel

I was born in Chicago Nov. 18, 1947. My father and mother were raised in the Harmony community, near Carthage. They owned land and decided to move back home to farm. Every kind of animal and vegetable was raised on our farm.

We are a very religious family. We were teachers. I taught special-needs children in Western Line school district (Glen Allan) for 25 years.

Mississippi is a place where you can walk the hills and through the woods.

I still garden and fish a lot. I would rather live in Mississippi than any place on Earth.

I love Mississippi, our Magnolia State, a place I call my home on Earth.

—Patricia Lynette Langdon Marshall, Carthage

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