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Today is September 24, 2019

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

With mirror-like clarity, the still waters of a lake reflect the sunrise on a spring morning in Winston County at Lake Tiak-O’Khata, a member of East Mississippi Electric Power Association.

I’m wondering how many people can sit on their front porch and overlook the forest while listening to the haunting sounds from music makers such as the owls, the bobwhites, the doves and the whippoorwills.

With the flower garden in view, I can see the hummingbirds gather nectar while butterflies flutter around them.

I watch the mockingbirds build their nest in a live oak right above our porch.

A small rabbit is sitting under the maple out near the road, and a squirrel is in the middle of the yard munching on muchrooms.

A fresh and very pleasant breeze blows through on this warm July day as I look in the south pasture to see our African boar goats grazing while the world goes on around them.

I am not bragging at all, but how many people have the opportunity to sit on their porch (a porch hand crafted in brick with their father’s old grinding rock as the centerpiece) and see nature in all her beauty?

How many can look around them to see wall-to-wall plants like sage palms, fig trees and ferns as decoration?

How many people can do all this at the same time in a single afternoon? Only those who have been blessed to live here. What a life!
– Bobbye N. Bland, Randolph

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