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Today is January 22, 2019

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

Landscapes turned golden by the prolific black-eyed Susan are a sure sign that summer is in full swing. These sunny wildflowers will beautify roadsides and meadows throughout Mississippi for the next few months. Slow down and enjoy the view.

I love my home state of Mississippi and I am so proud of my hometown Meridian. It is a beautiful place in a valley surrounded by the foothills of the mountains. As I come home at night sometimes from being far away, I never get over the thrill of coming east on I-20 into Meridian and seeing the lights of the city far below in the valley twinkling in the night. It’s like it speaks to me and says, I’m home.
– Roger W. Welborn, Meridian

Soon after enjoying a delicious meal prepared by my lovely wife of over 50 years, I stand on the front porch of our south Mississippi home. It has been a day of lightning and thunder and rain showers, but for now the rain has stopped and the day is fading into night.

I hear a hoot owl close by and I can barely hear the answer to his call, and then another answer from a different direction.

I watch a gray squirrel run down the limb of a big tree and go out of sight. I hear birds and small critters making their calls before the darkness of night.

I can barely hear the soft whistle of a fast-moving train as it tracks through a small, peaceful town, and the beautiful and quiet country side.

I love the sounds and and sights of God’s creation and my south Mississippi home.
– Von Gene Purvis, Ellisville

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