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Today is June 4, 2020

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

Sunlight paints a brilliant sky over Bonita Lakes Park, in Meridian. The scene was captured by Brad Hampton, an East Mississippi Electric Power Association member in Meridian, and submitted for this month’s “Picture This” feature.

I grew up in the northeast corner of Newton County in a time before most county roads were paved.

It was also a time when along those dirt roads it was easy to find an abundance of wild plum bushes that yielded sweet, juicy fruit in late June and early July.

Also found there were what we called dewberries, a large-seed type of blackberry that grew on vines that crept along the ground rather than on long, thorny stalks.

I can’t remember when I’ve seen either.

With the paving of roads and the introduction of chemical brush killers, many of those delicious treats disappeared.

I wouldn’t say I would rather have the dry, dusty roads or the muddy bogs we just accepted as part of living in the country, but I do miss the experience of finding roadside treasures.

– Barbara Richardson Knight, LaGrange, Ga.

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