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Today is October 20, 2019

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

A mural on a Howard Street building in downtown Greenwood pays tribute to one of Mississippi’s most loved birds, the Great Blue Heron. Vermont artist Mary Lacy painted the mural as part of her goal to paint 10 public murals in 10 different US cities. You can see her at work on the heron in a video at

I live down here where the gentle wind is blowing. I can see these cotton fields where I belong.
I can hear my old milk cow out there a-lowing, in Mississippi, my home sweet home.
Mississippi is heaven in the spring time; I love the hazy days of summer time.
And I can still recall my mother softly saying, “get up, you lazy boy, it’s breakfast time.”

And that time of year when leaves start to falling, you know that summertime has gone and fall is here.
Picking cotton, pulling corn and parching peanuts; in Mississippi, it’s the best time of the year.
When you see those grapes and ‘simmons start to falling and the air gets colder in the evening time.
In Mississippi we start calling up our hound dogs; we’re getting ready ‘cause it’s possum hunting time.

When we gather around the fireplace in the evening, that old oak fire feels so good these winter nights.
Playing guitars, telling jokes and popping corn, just having fun by our old lamp light.
At sundown when the neighbors start calling, with the circle growing larger around our room.
In this peaceful, happy setting, you will find me in Mississippi, my home sweet home.

—Edward “Billy Boy” Stephens, New Hebron

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