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Today is June 4, 2020

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

One way to survive a hot day is to find a relatively cool spot and sit a spell. This shady retreat at Onward Store overlooks a cotton field off US 61, in Sharkey County.

The South is in her heart
The Trace – her backbone.
Ole Man River is her soul,
She’s the mockingbird’s home.

She holds her head high
But doesn’t snub her nose.
She’s got Delta on her fingers
And Gulf on her toes.

She likes azaleas in the spring
And pecans in the fall.
She grows beautiful live oaks
But loves magnolias most of all.

She loves river cats
And fried green tomatoes.
She can make a slap-yo-mama pie
Just from sweet potatoes.

Her summers are hot and humid,
She cools down with iced tea.
She’s my home state,
Her name is Mississippi.

— Lynda O’Quinn, Church Hill

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