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Today is June 4, 2020

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

Sadie Dennis, 18 months, cools off with a cup of lemonade almost as big as she is. Her big sip was captured at the Neshoba County Fair by Jessica Dennis, of Conehatta, a Central Electric member.

Over half a century in the North
And never did I see
The brilliant summer flowers
Of the crepe myrtle tree.

I had never tasted crawfish or grits
Or heard a mockingbird sing,
Had never seen ambitious kudzu
Climbing on everything.

I had felt cotton in shirts and sheets
But not upon a plant,
Had never seen a red-faced duck
Or fearsome fire ant.

I had never sniffed the heavenly scent
Of magnolia along the walk,
And never heard a person say,
“Hope y’all can stay and talk.”

— Marie Dauson, Olive Branch

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