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Today is June 25, 2019

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is ...

Alice Rachal of Poplarville, sent this photo of Sugar in repose for this issue’s “Picture This” reader photo feature. Sugar’s eyes are different colors, one blue and one green. Rachal and her family rescued Sugar from a roadside when she was a tiny kitten.

Growing up in a small town
With family all around,
It’s a wonderful place to be.
The yards are always full of flowers
And a swing in every tree.
Everyone welcomes you with a smile,
Come, sit down, let’s talk for a while.
Grab a chair and have some iced tea,
We can talk about how things used to be.
Making cakes and pies
To see who gets first prize,
Going fishing and frying up the catch.
People in Mississippi do things like that.
On Sundays we go to church
To thank the Lord for all His good work.
Tomorrow will come and then
We’ll do it all over again.

–Betty Glover, Winona

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