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Today is May 30, 2020

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

Photo by Ruby Wilson, Columbus

4-County Electric Power Association member

My Mississippi


Making mud pies and building frog houses around our feet

Running barefoot through the woods

in the summertime heat

Camping out by the river on a Saturday night

Roasting hot dogs over a crackling fire with such delight

Relaxing on the porch amid the chirping of the birds

Waiting quietly for sunrise without any words

Walking and basking in the colors of fall

Thanking God for our blessings each one and all

Stargazing on a breathtakingly beautiful night

Feeling all in my world is well and right

Waking up to the rare winter wonderland dream

Scooping just enough snow to make homemade ice cream

I’ve traveled the world, and will continue to roam

But my heart skips a beat when

I’m back in Mississippi, my home


Penny Watkins Wilkerson, Carthage

Central Electric Power Association member

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