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Today is April 8, 2020

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

“Sunrise at Eagle Lake”
Photo by Bob Mullins, Raymond
Twin County EPA member

As I think about Mississippi being
my treasured state, I can’t help but
remember the words of my dad when
I was growing up. He always told me it
didn’t cost one dime to always speak,
be friendly and helpful to our fellow man.
I have tried so hard to abide by
that throughout my life of 83 years.
I try to always remember that everyone
has feelings; so do be kind to everyone.
I have a gift of gab, so I am always
talking to strangers as I go out and
about. I am excited as I am always making
new friends. One cannot have too many
friends; and yes, I have certainly
found many in my treasured state of
Mississippi. There are not enough
words to describe my treasured
and great state of Mississippi.
Jo Ann Reed, Tupelo
Tombigbee EPA member
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