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Today is July 12, 2020

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

“Springtime on the front porch with my granddaughter”

Photo by Wendi Steadham, Brandon, Central Electric member

How wonderful it is, to live in a state;

Where the beauty of nature opens its gate.

When in March, April and in May;

Such wonders for me, are not far away.


Along the roadsides and down in the thickets;

One can hear the drone of the birds, frogs and crickets.

Rooster head violets and jasmine of yellow;

Begin popping up along the newly greened meadows.


Snowy white blooms of the dogwood trees;

Adorned by redbuds, swaying in the breeze.

Oh, such a delightful sight to see;

And all this is never very far from me.


As the farmers begin to plow their ground;

New life appears all around.

Cotton, sweet potatoes and soybeans;

Hard working people make their means.


Almost daily, the weather report warns;

Threats for tornadoes and of thunderstorms.

The black clouds, they roll ominously by;

Then once again, there is clear blue sky.


Mississippi, my home, the place I love;

Is a wonderful blessing, from God above.

May the entire world sparkle sublime;

Just give me Mississippi, in the springtime... 


By Jimmy Dale McDaniel, Summit

Magnolia Electric Power member


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