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Today is August 5, 2020

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

Photo by Ron Stewart

It was a typical evening on the patio — kids chasing the dog; all the while, tripping over toys galore strewn about our backyard. And me — well, I was either buried in my phone finishing up emails leftover from work or checking the most up-to-date news on Facebook ... or both. We had just finished dinner and the weather was pleasant enough to enjoy the rest of the evening outdoors. 

The sun continued to set and it was just about dusk when I heard Olivia yell out some unintelligible series of words. Since she had just reached a new level of talking, I didn’t pay her much attention. By this time my wife had joined us. She said it again and I looked up from my phone to see her pointing toward our landscaping. Then, she said it again ... “Red! Red! Red, fl ow-der Daddy!” and reached out toward a rose bush with her tiny, little finger. 

In that moment, I believe I saw the most beautiful red roses I had ever seen. Not literally, of course — the roses hadn’t changed at all; it was my heart that did. 

I’m going to be honest ... being a dad is the most difficult thing I have ever done. It seems like life has tripled in speed. Gratitude and perspective seems to dim with each passing day. And, in all the rush and movement, it’s so easy to lose direction and focus on the things that matter most. 

It’s humbling to serve a God that knows all of the little moments like this about our lives. His text in Matthew 18:2-5 speaks directly in advance — almost foreshadowing — my season of life today. Keep it simple. Appreciate the beauty all around you. Slow down enough to be amazed at what God is doing right in front of your very eyes. Be grateful. Be humble. Don’t lose focus on what’s important. 

May you be ever more simple. May you trust Him recklessly. May you laugh often. And, may you stop long enough to see the roses all around you. 

Submission by Derrick Cowan, Madison

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