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Today is June 18, 2021

Mississippi Is...

On the porch — hot coffee in my cup.

Watching the rising sun come up.

Hearing the song of the mockingbird.

Gazing at a grazing cattle herd.

Awaiting the whippoorwill’s chirp to hear.

Catching a glimpse of a whitetail deer.

Cool crisp mornings in the fall.

Listening for the turkey’s call.

Smelling the Magnolia blossoms so sweet.

Driving down a small-town street.

Hometown football games on Friday night.

Church on Sunday morning — it all seems right.

The wind whispering through the pines.

That’s this Mississippi of mine.


by Connie Eldridge, a resident of the New Hope community in Kemper County and a member of East Mississippi Electric Power Association


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