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Today is October 29, 2020

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

Mississippi is my home, has been for some

time now. From the Louisiana lights to the

beautiful country and starry nights.


Out of the overcrowded places and

city traffic, to riding my four-wheeler back

in the woods with a lot less noise and

a lot more target practice.


Listening to the roosters before sunrise to the

crickets chirping at night as I close my eyes.

Katrina took everything in her path with violent

devastation, yet helped all of our communities

come together and made us much stronger.


The years have gone by and here I’ll be longer.

With that, I’m okay, because I’ve found peace,

happiness, and new friends too.


Life is better in the country, out here

in Mississippi, that is oh so true!


Louisiana will always be a part of me,

as I will carry you along in my heart.

An unexpected tragedy, which

led to a fresh new start.


Here I will stay, for you are my home now

until my last days. For anyone out there that

has been through the same, in my

prayers, you all will remain.


by Shantell Loar

A resident of Pearl River County and a member of Pearl River Valley EPA.



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