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Today is January 22, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

To me, Mississippi means enjoying

the laughter of my grandkids as they

rumple across the wide-open yard,

showing excitement over every

little creature in their view.

A frog, a butterfly here and there,

and an influx of earthworms that

would have worked themselves above

ground to escape the overflow of

rainwater that filtered into their hibernation.

The laughter continues as I encourage

them to catch those little creatures

so we can use them as bait on our

next fishing adventure.

To me, Mississippi means plucking

a watermelon from its vine and

eating it on the spot.

Walking across the field to a neighbor’s

house to share the fresh produce

you have just gathered from your

summer garden and hoping the

neighbor is just as excited as you are.

That’s Mississippi to me.


by Florence S. Young of Noxapater

She is a member of EMEPA


What’s Mississippi to you?

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