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Today is September 16, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

I think back that, as a child, I learned quickly,

how to spell my home state, Mississippi, very

swiftly. My sister taught me through a song,

a song she knew but was not very long.


Mississippi — M I crooked letter, crooked letter I,

crooked letter, crooked letter I, humpback,

humpback I. Now if you have a problem with

spelling Mississippi, you too can learn without a sigh.


Mississippi has many fun things to enjoy,

shopping, riding 4-wheelers, trips to the zoo,

are just a few things that will fill your life with

much joy! Especially if grandkids get you up

and out for the day. The smiles, the laughter,

from these words can

express what you’d like to say.


There is church and church family, church socials

celebrating special occasions, not just casually.

Decorations galore and food to feed plenty.

Most of all giving glory to their Savior, Jesus,

for supplying blessings — oh so many.


Thoughts often run through my mind

of younger days when life was so kind.

Bringing memories of days with mom and dad,

when trips to a creek made my sister and I so glad.


Climbing trees, playing outside in a cool

breeze, even picking figs with the sun’s

hot glare, are just a few things that

remind me of Mississippi so rare.


Mississippi — my home state,

proud of her and a “10” I would rate.

A place God made just for me to flourish,

A place I will always love and cherish!


by Barbara Jones,

a resident of Ellisville and a member of Dixie Electric


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