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Today is September 16, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

Mississippi is blessed by a dad

like Michael Callahan


We’ve read so many reasons why

Mississippi is a treasure,

and why it is we love our life

so many reasons hard to measure!


But today as I was reading

the advice this man was giving,

my heart filled once again with joy

for my Mississippi living!


His words were filled with love and care,

his love for this daughter shone bright,

the advice he gave this loved one

was so beautiful and so right!


This young daughter is a fighter

her many struggles made me cry,

but she is a brave survivor

who will surely find her “why”!


To Mr. Michael Callahan

Your love and care came shining through,

And so I write this day to say

Mississippi is blessed by you!


Thanks for the beautiful sharing of

“Advice to a graduating daughter”!

You truly are another reason why

I treasure my life in Mississippi!


by Kathleen Busch,

a resident of Poplarville and a member of Coast Electric


Happy Father’s Day to all the Mississippi dads out there!


What’s Mississippi to you? What do you treasure most about life in our state? Send your brief thoughts to Today in Mississippi, or mail to P.O. Box 3300, Ridgeland, MS 39158

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