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Today is December 3, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

It’s where I was born, not sure if it’s where I’ll die.

It’s looking up and seeing pine trees shadowing the sky.

It’s humidity so thick,

It’s “air you can wear”

It’s cooling off in a creek, not having a single care.

It’s really hot summers, and pretty cool winters

It’s going to church on Sunday, then to

grandma’s house for dinner.

It’s watermelon, tomatoes, shelling peas, and

canning corn, it’s rolling down your window

to hear the train blow its horn.

It’s back roads and four-wheelers and riding in the mud.

It’s seeing cows beside the road, just

standing, chewing the cud.

It’s chicken houses and soybeans as far

as the eye can see.

It’s sitting on the porch swing, drinking

a big glass of sweet iced tea.

It’s fried chicken and turnip greens

and sweet potato pie.

It’s laying in the grass and watching

the clouds pass by.

It’s riding in the truck bed, wait, we can’t do

that anymore, so we buckle everybody

in and head to the store.

It’s getting a Coke and peanuts and passing it around.

It’s getting cotton candy when the fair comes to town.

It’s not about the place, no matter what you think.

It’s about the people, family, friends,

and everyone you meet.

So, if you’re passing through from going far or near,

come in and sit a spell and y’all come back, ya hear?


by Lindsay Hutson, a resident of Seminary and a member of Southern Pine Electric


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