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Today is May 23, 2022

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi is…

My Daddy is Ole Man River, so mighty,

my Mama is a Southern Belle, so tidy.


My head wears a Tennessee bonnet,

my mockingbird sings a proud sonnet.


I have a mirror-twin named Alabama,

and a neighbor friend named Louisiana.

My cousin, Arkansas, is to my Northwest.


I tour pilgrimages in a hooped dress.

My feet wade the shores of the Gulf Coast.

I’m known as the Hospitality Host.


My ears like B.B.’s Delta blues,

and my Elvis’ gospel songs soothe.


My nose inhales Azaleas in bloom,

but Magnolia is my favorite perfume.


My eyes have seen some hard time living,

but my heart has seen some cheerful giving.


by Lynda O’Quinn, a resident of Natchez and a member of Southwest Electric


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