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Today is July 6, 2022

Mississippi Is...

By Gaynell Atkinson

Mississippi is…

Photo by Ellen Jackson Rogers of Oloh

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
(Bilateral Gynandramorph – Dark side
is female and yellow side is male)

Sitting in my favorite rocker,

on my front porch, drinking that first cup of coffee,

watching the dawning of a new day.


Taking in the sound of Mother Nature,

hearing the singing of the birds,

that’s my Mississippi.


In the late evening as I sip on
a cold glass of sweet tea,

the breeze gently blowing in the trees,

the smell of magnolia blossoms,

frogs tuning up for their nightly serenade,

that’s my Mississippi.


Here I’ll stay where life is good.


by Gaynell Atkinson,
a resident of Gautier, and a member
of Singing River Electric

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