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Today is October 4, 2022

Mississippi Is...

By Ty Anthony

Mississippi is…

Mom’s apple pie and once a week
going to the nearest town,

Picking cotton all day long and
watching the sun as it goes down.

Drinking Coca-Cola from a glass
bottle and going to a cotton gin,

Hitchhiking to the nearest store
and listening to tales by men.


It’s thumping watermelons and
pinecones falling from pine trees,

Watching TV in black and white
while listening to the late breeze.

Learning to drive a standard
transmission in a 57-pickup truck,

Catching a string of huge bream if
you happened to have good luck.


It’s trips to the outhouse and
attending the nearest school,

It’s love for all people and
learning the golden rule.


by Ty Anthony,
a resident of Union, and a member of Central Electric


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