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Today is August 13, 2022

Mississippi Is...

By Cheryl McGinnis

Mississippi is…

Sitting on the river bank with my family that I love,
or listening to the sound of a lone dove.
Hearing the crickets chirp during the night,
or telling stories around the campfire light.


Chasing the fireflies and putting them in a jar,
while hundreds fly and light up from affair.
Seeing a doe and her two baby deer crossing the road,
or a truck piled high with pine logs as its heavy load.


Watching beautiful sunsets in the western sky,
an amazing background to church steeples rising high.
Listening on Sunday morning as the church bell rings,
waiting for the preaching of God’s Word the choir sings.


Rivers, creeks, and streams to wade in, camp by, or fish,
lots of good Southern cooking with love in each dish.
Pine trees, corn fields, soybeans, and many a catfish pond,
each a part of my Mississippi of which I am quite fond.


by Cheryl McGinnis,
a resident of Tylertown, and a member of Magnolia Electric


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