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Mississippi-made gifts for the hunter

Mississippi-made gifts for the hunter

The Primos Trigger Stick® Gen 3 Jim Shockey Edition offers a solid rest for firearm, camera or spotting scope, whether the user is standing or sitting. Photo: Tony Kinton

Christmas is a much-celebrated event, and a part of the tradition and celebration is gift giving. While this giving of gifts to others is not the essence or basic and true meaning of it, Christmas remains a time to give.

If a hunter is on the receiving list, a pair of items offered by individuals/companies with deep Mississippi roots may be of interest.

One is the Small Game Carrier. Developed by Lynn Dunson, with input from his son-in-law Timothy Day, this little device is a clever approach to toting small game. Dunson and Day are from Natchez.

The Small Game Carrier, often referred to by Day and Dunson as simply the Game Carrier, is a basic unit designed to solve several issues that arise when hunting and packing small game, specifically squirrels. But, it works for other species as well—rabbits, ducks. There is even one Carrier made for doves and quail.

The standard approach has been to put such game as these in a vest pouch or just tote them around in hand. Neither tactic is ideal. Holding a limit of squirrels in hand is practically impossible, and having that same limit stuffed into a pouch is problematic. So stationed, they are annoyingly obvious when the hunter sits beside a tree, and the entire process is especially messy.  Enter the Small Game Carrier.

One look at this ingenious device reveals its simplicity. Still, its design is based on a great deal of experimentation and trial-and-error development. The finished product is just about perfect for its intended service and is truly one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that items!

Consisting of a properly-sized tube with open but reinforced ends, the Carrier has a slot running from its top to near the bottom. Game is slid into that slot, where it becomes fully secured. The Carrier has a sturdy steel clasp at the top, and this is placed into the waistband/belt for easy installation, removal and convenient placement.

While this works extremely well, I have opted to hang mine on a strap—actually an old belt—that I place over the opposite-side shoulder. This is simply my preference; I find it more to my liking worn in that manner. I slide it off my shoulder and lay it beside me while sitting.

The Small Game Carrier designed for squirrels and similar game comes in two lengths. The shorter model will hold four or five squirrels and is my favorite between the two lengths. It would also be preferable for the young hunter. The longer model is reported to hold a full limit of eight. Inexpensive and reliable, this relatively new addition to the hunting world fulfills its purpose and should offer a long life of heavy use.

For more information on the Small Game Carrier, visit

Another item that is near essential to the hunter is the Primos Trigger Stick®. The particular model highlighted here is the Jim Shockey Edition Gen 3. A newer version of similar products, it offers all the advantages a hunter could want in a ready and portable shooting rest.

Perhaps the most notable update is that this Gen 3 unit can be employed for either sitting or standing, removing the need for a short and long unit that is commonly the case with most monopods, bipods or tripods. A rotating collar at the leg hinge is simply rotated a few degrees to allow the legs to spread farther out, thus permitting the user to adjust the unit for sitting. This is particularly useful for the turkey hunter. With the collar in the other position, the Gen 3 will accommodate the standing hunter.

I recently used my Gen 3 while squirrel hunting. I sat at the base of an oak, rotated the collar and expanded the legs, and then placed my Marlin lever .22 in the cradle to wait for squirrels. They came, and the Gen 3 made steady shots a certainty. And as the name implies, adjustments for leveling and height are accomplished by the simple chore of grasping a trigger at the top of the unit. Silent, quick, reliable.

There is also a separate bracket that replaces the gun cradle for use with a spotting scope or camera. This unit is most impressive and will make a welcomed addition to the hunter’s gear.  

The name Primos is no stranger to hunters, particularly Mississippi hunters. Will Primos and his team offer a long list of products. Finding the Primos Trigger Stick ® Jim Shockey Gen 3 should be as simple as visiting any business that sells hunting gear. You can go to for additional information about this company’s line.

There you have it, a pair of viable items that should find favor with most hunters. And here also you have my sincere wishes for a pleasant holiday season filled with family and faith and good health. To all, merry Christmas!

Tony Kinton has been an active outdoors writer for 30 years. His newest book is “Rambling Through Pleasant Memories.” Order from or Kinton’s website:

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