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Today is October 4, 2022

Picture This

Graduation Day

Picture This: Graduation

“Picture This” is a reader photo feature appearing in the January, April, July, and October issues of Today in Mississippi. We publish a few of the most eye-catching photos that best illustrate the given theme from among those submitted by our readers.

Please note: This is not a contest, as photos will not be judged. Photos are selected for publication based on their overall quality, relevance to the given theme, visual impact, and suitability for printing. (Dark photos usually do not print well. We look for bright photos with good contrast and sharp focus.)

Our next ‘Picture This’ theme: “Fun on the Water.” 

We want to see photos of you or your family having fun on the water. Whether it’s fishing, swimming, water parks, or boating, send us your faves. The photos must be high-resolution JPG files of at least 1 MB in size. Please attach the photo to your email and send it to Each entry must be accompanied by the photographer’s name, address, and co-op.

Submit your most creative photo(s) and be sure to identify your subject and tell us why you chose it. Submissions must be emailed or postmarked by August 31. Selected photos will appear in the October 2022 issue of Today in Mississippi.

Submission guidelines

• Photos must be in sharp focus.

• Photos must be the original work of an amateur photographer.

• Photos may be either color or black and white, print or digital.

• Digital photos must be high-resolution JPG files of at least 1 MB in size. If emailing a phone photo, select “actual size” before sending. We cannot use compressed photo files.

• Please do not use photo-editing software to adjust colors or tones.

• Photos with the date stamped on the image cannot be used.

• Each entry must be accompanied by the photographer’s name, address, phone number and electric power association (if applicable). Include the name(s) of any recognizable people or places in the picture. Feel free to add any other details you like.

• Prints will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We cannot, however, guarantee their safe return through the mail.

How to enter

• Attach digital photos to your email message and send to

• If submitting more than one photo, please attach all photos to only one email message, if possible. Please be sure to include all information requested in the guidelines.

• Or, mail prints or a CD to: Picture This, Today in Mississippi, P.O. Box 3300, Ridgeland, MS 39158-3300.

Questions? Contact Today in Mississippi at or 601-605-8600.

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