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Grilled Catfish Strips

Main Dishes

Fish and Seafood


Catfish filet strips
Sugar Taylor Sauce


This is a great option for grilling on small portable grills. Preheat grill to medium-hot heat (approximately 350 degrees). Toss catfish strips in Sugar Taylor Sauce in a bowl until all are just coated. Use tongs to place strips on grill. Baste more Sugar Taylor Sauce onto the strips while grilling. Strips will cook in only a few short minutes, so take care not to dry them out.

Serve with a side of Sugar Taylor Sauce for additional dipping sauce.


Recipes by Marianna and Andy Chapman, who own and operate Eat Y’all, a company on a mission to save family farms by equipping producers to serve foodservice accounts and empowering chefs to use their purchasing power today to ensure the availability of healthy, high-quality ingredients tomorrow. Visit for more information.

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