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Today is June 4, 2020

Electric co-ops hit hard during recent storms

Mississippi’s electric cooperatives endured two major weather events over the past few weeks featuring tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and flooding. Not only did the weather-related events bring down power lines throughout Mississippi, but downed trees and flooding made access difficult in rebuilding lines to serve those who lost their electric service. 

In many cases, crews were forced to wait until safety concerns were addressed before deploying emergency workers.

In some areas, electric cooperatives were able to handle power restoration with their local crews while others quickly requested help from neighboring systems. It’s important to note that electric cooperatives rushed to the aid of stricken systems to assist in restoring power. Once again, these 
assisting crews proved invaluable in the fast, efficient and safe recovery from the widespread outages.

It is ironic that during the month our systems honor Lineworker Appreciation Day, major storm events happened. On April 13, strong storm systems swept across Mississippi killing one person and leaving a path of destruction including damaged homes, downed trees and major power outages. Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi reported a peak outage of more than 22,000 homes served by 11 member systems. These widespread outages were reported in 53 counties and restoration was completed in a few days.

On April 18, as this region was recovering from the previous storm, much of the same area was hit again. The National Weather Service confirmed 32 tornadoes touched down on this day and reported three deaths related to this severe weather activity. Our electric cooperatives reported more than 53,000 meters in 60 counties were without power. Our local crews, in addition to emergency crews, spent the next six days, including Easter weekend, restoring electric service. 

During times like these, we appreciate the patience and understanding our members show us. Throughout our service areas, many acts of kindness were displayed including help feeding our crews. Also, in the cooperative spirit, we commend the group of dedicated employees, women and men, who worked tirelessly to restore power in adverse conditions.

We offer our prayers and continued support of those who lost loved ones and for the many who are faced with rebuilding their lives and homes.

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